Topics Platform Executive Summary

Software Architects design and build systems to meet business objectives as well as quality of service (QOS) requirements. In addition to user experience, QOS elements ensure that systems are reliable, scalable, manageable, maintainable, and can evolve over time.  These “qualities” are enormously important to have baked in from the beginning, as adding any one of these qualities after the system is in production can be an expensive endeavor. Careful selection of software tools and components is required to ensure that existing teams of professionals can build in necessary infrastructure without the need for retraining and to minimize an organizations’ overall software footprint. Most commercial software applications today have adopted sets of open source or retail software components over time that implements the facilities which lead to QOS.  These components and packages are referred to as a software stack. There are many complexities involved in selecting the right software stack including compatibility amongst components. However for components that do not directly impact a competitive advantage, the decision on which supplier or version of a core service component to use doesn’t matter as much, as long as it’s there. Existing infrastructures are easy to take for granted. Building a new infrastructure from scratch is a big job.

So what is Topics Platform? Topics Platform is first and foremost a platform to build commercial software applications that inherently contain important QOS elements. It’s a core collection of specific package choices, integrated and tested over years of development. Topics Core is an integrated base-level software stack. Building on the core QOS elements, Presentation Services provides a facility to test out new and different software stacks which can then be used as a template for building systems.

Beyond the Presentation Services, there are Application and Product Services which provide Token Based Authentication and Authorization for Web Servers and Web API. There is also a Product Services Subsystem which integrates Authorization and user entitlements via an Online Billing System. Finally, at the highest level there are Business Extensions that are full functioning servers that provide Real-time and historical market data and Order Management services as well as other interesting services and systems that have been built on the platform.


Topics Core is open source and provides a range of services including centralized logging and monitoring, consolidated configuration, unified messaging. Applications generated from Presentation Services come equipped with Software Development Life Cycle scripts for:

  • Creating a Continuous Integration build system
  • Integration to Source Control
  • Automated Deployment
  • Ability to create new environments

The end result is a cookbook of sorts that allows one to construct new systems from tested software stacks.

Finally, the Application and Product Services, as well as Business Extensions levels are available with flexible terms and optional support. Please contact us, for more information.


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